Petroleum Awareness VR

Petroleum Awareness VR

This virtual reality (VR) experience was designed to introduce students into where natural gas comes from and what an oil reservoir looks like. It allows the viewer to explore and understand the equipment as well as the geological environments that produce some of our energy resources. The experience includes 3D models of extraction equipment that the user can teleport around to learn about. It also includes a series of embedded interview videos with a university staff member explaining elements of petroleum reservoirs and what a petroleum engineer does. There is also a time-lapse video of a well construction process provided by an oil and gas company to show what the equipment and process looks like in real-life. The viewer can interact with these videos positioned around the 3D world and watch them as a pop-up screen in VR. A geological cross-section of the reservoirs is also presented as part of an animated explanation video for well establishment, resource extraction and site remediation.    

This VR experience was developed for the School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering at the university of New South Wales (UNSW) to introduce students to petroleum engineering, primarily for use on their Open Day. It was developed to run on:

  • A 3D immersive VR theatre powered by a server computer
  • Oculus Go VR headsets as a stand-alone experience 

Technology: VR
Petroleum Awareness VR

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