McPhillamys Gold Project Visualisation

McPhillamys Gold Project Visualisation

This interactive 3D virtual mine was created to help explain the McPhillamys Gold Project to stakeholders, before any construction had begun. Stakeholders were able to "touch" the model and explore the project through its various stages, seeing what was important from their perspective. They could observe land changes through time and use this platform as a visual discussion aid to help bring everyone onto the same page, reducing confusion. 

This application was developed for Regis Resources and it is a great reflection of their focus on improving communication with the community. The experience was designed to run on:

  • A gaming PC with a touch screen interface

Client: Regis Resources
Technology: Mobile, Interactive Touch Screen
McPhillamys Gold Project

Want better project stakeholder communication?

A key factor of building stakeholder trust is open communication. Presenting an interactive 3D model of the project that they can explore from all angles helps to reduce the sense that parts of the project are being hidden. These immersive models become a key discussion tool where issues can be clarified, project details can be discussed and changes over time understood. This investment can strengthen community relations and speed up approval time. If you want to take your project stakeholder communication to the next level with a real-time rendered, interactive 3D model, please get in touch. 

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