Lithium Open Pit Mining Method AR Experience

Lithium Open Pit Mining Method

This augmented reality (AR) application showcases a mining method used to extract lithium, which goes into making electric cars. The experience explores the processes involved in extracting a hypothetical lithium resource using the open pit mining method. For this project, a complete mining operation was modelled in 3D and animated to simulate the activities involved at different stages of mining. Within the application you learn about the steps involved in the mining sequence by placing these 3D models on the table in-front of you using AR. This allows you to walk around and observe the mining processes from all angles. To aid in understanding, information is presented at different scales, from visualising the underground orebody, to seeing the whole mine site, to focusing on individual truck and shovel operations.

This experience was developed for the School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) for use in their mining engineering courses. It was made to run on:

  • Apple iPhones via a stand-alone App
  • Android mobile phones via a stand-alone App
  • Apple iPads via a stand-alone App

Client: The University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Technology: AR
Lithium Open Pit Mining Method AR Experience

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