Online and in-person: get the best of both worlds
In the era of online learning, we think there’s still a lot to be said for learning in a classroom. You share a space. You communicate not just through writing, but through what you say, how you move, what you show each other. A lot gets lost when the learner is disconnected from teachers. That’s why 3D interactivity is the next step in the evolution of online learning. You regain the fundamental advantages of learning in a shared space:

  • You can observe learners as they go, whether that’s checking how they’re operating machinery, or quietly collating the data on their response times.
  • You can bring many media together, seamlessly. And by laying it out in 3D space, you present everything in a way that’s intuitively accessible. After all, this is how we first learnt about the world.
  • People learn faster, and retain better. Whether it’s getting back to work quicker, or making fewer mistakes on the job, better learning makes a big difference to your business.

And you still hold on to the benefits of online learning. Overheads are lower.  People learn when and where they choose. We believe online learning should be more than just a printable PDF and a multiple-choice questionnaire. That’s why we deploy 3D interactivity across almost every platform, from large scale immersive training theatres to Oculus Rift headsets and mobile devices.

We Create
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Serious Games
  • Interactive E-Learning Applications
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Hazard Perception Training
  • Procedural Training
  • Site Inductions