Mining & Energy

Make every scenario concrete
3D interactivity opens up new ways to train your staff, engage stakeholders and generate uniquely useful intelligence. Discover viewpoints and functions that surpass what’s possible in physical demonstrations. When people read off a diagram, they struggle to visualise the scenario, whether that’s using new equipment, or planning an evacuation route. When they see the equipment in 3D-rendered reality, they see it for themselves.

In mining and energy, one error can have a major impact. That’s why effective communication and training deliver such an outstanding return on investment. With 3D interactivity, you get people more engaged, and ready to remember what’s vital for them to know.

When Vantage Interactive can help

Planning your mine
We take your plans and visualise them with the level of fidelity you need, whether that’s a bare schematic or a richly realistic environment. Instead of you explaining the layout, let stakeholders and staff experience it for themselves.

Consulting community
Stakeholders reservations are often driven by a fear of the unknown. So 3D gives them a chance to experience the new environment first-hand. Walk them through a virtual site. Address any concerns along the way, making for a smoother road to consensus.

Training your staff
3D interactivity means hands-on learning, at far greater convenience, and far lower risk. In a virtual environment, mistakes aren’t critical, so your staff feel freer to try new approaches. When you’re training them for safe evacuation, you can run simulations for multiple hazards, calling up a different scenario with a few clicks. Feedback is also vital for effective learning, and our technology gives you entirely new ways of doing that. Instantly freeze the training demonstration at critical points. Rotate views. Track learners’ progress with far richer data than physical demonstrations can ever provide.

Monitoring and modelling
Gain enhanced visibility of your plant, even from hundreds of kilometres away. Even in conditions where physical inspection is practically impossible. We tackle these challenges with 3D modelling that renders your operating environment at the detail you require. Where data analysis is needed, we can display data in 3D space, to surface correlations that may otherwise have stayed buried in the information. Vantage Interactive’s 3D interactivity is not just a tool for communication; it’s a tool for making more robust decisions.