Hard-sell marketing is practically extinct.  So what’s next?

We believe that 3D interaction is what’s next for digital marketing. It’s time for a shift from marketing that’s made to be consumed, to marketing made for your buyers to immerse themselves in.

That’s where Vantage Interactive can help. We work with creative agencies and brands to create richly interactive digital solutions.  ‘Richly interactive’ means more than just developing a 3D-rendered video with clickable elements.  We mean creating worlds that people can lose themselves in.

We’re particularly good at doing new things with gaming technology. Our team is a blend of technological nous, creativity and business smarts.  With that mix, we partner with your people to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible in digital.

We Create

3D Product Demonstrations

We make 3D demonstrations for mobile, tablet and desktop. When you hold the product in your hands, you’re ready to fall for the brand. When your product is still just an idea, 3D interaction makes it feel real. For the ultimate application of this technology, integrate a product configuration app. Let customers build their own car or design their own shoe, and see their work take shape. Run the car through air-flow simulations; show the shoe flexing when it hits the pavement.  Those are just some of the interactions that Vantage Interactive makes possible.

Branded Games

We use leading-edge gaming technology to showcase your brand. We create games that people will love to play for the graphics and the game play. Our aim here is to create a positive experience that people connect with your brand. No more pushing out ads. We want to make an experience so compelling that it gathers its own audience.

Marketing Installations

We deliver interactive elements that make your campaign unique. When people tune out from straight-up display advertising, leading agencies are turning to installations. Imagine a pop-up shopfront with real-time interaction. It’s that kind of talking point that draws a crowd and starts conversations.