Architecture & Property Marketing

With 3D interactivity, your plans come to life
Vantage Interactive creates immersive, interactive experiences of your building and its surrounding environment. While your property still only exists on paper, we transform it into a virtual space that clients and stakeholders can explore, engage with, and buy into.

It’s the level of interactivity that sets our work apart.  People already expect animations and pre-set walk-throughs of the finished property.  That’s standard. What will exceed their expectations: an experience where they define their journey. Choose a room to linger and pay attention to the finishes. Admire the view from the living room window. Every client and every stakeholder is different. With our help, every viewing experience will be different too.

We enable you to

Sell more properties off the plan
We create hyper-realistic virtual walk-throughs that let buyers explore at their own pace. In your showroom, buyers gather around the display, ready for you to start a conversation. When overseas investors explore the property online, they feel what it’s like to be there. With our help, your buyers will get so engaged with the property, they feel like it’s theirs already.

Show clients your vision for their property
We transform your plans into an interactive 3D model. As an architect, the finished property is crystal clear in your mind. For your clients, it can be harder to imagine. Vantage Interactive’s 3D models bridge the communications gap. Your clients experience the property for themselves, giving you feedback you can work with.

Facilitate development approvals
We create a complete model of your building and its environment, so you can communicate your plans to the people who matter. When planners see your building for themselves, they gain comfort and confidence, so they’re more ready to view your application constructively. Simulate any element that’s critical to getting your building approved, from where shadows fall throughout the day, to the colour of the façade. We’ll even integrate interactivity so planners can change parameters for themselves: what does this building look like with eight stories, or with nine?